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WHAT IS SUAVE FEST? Raices Brewing Co. & the Cultura Nonprofit organization are excited to announce the return of Suave Fest this September for its 3rd edition of its popular beer festival in which we honor Latinx-owned craft breweries.

WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE? In September 2019, the first Suave Fest was born as a response to the lack of diversity in the beer industry, both in high level positions and in ownership where we are only 0.5% of the total industry. Yet, as consumers, Latinos make up more than 14% of the beer market, which, in 2022 number is $16.2B annually.

WHAT ARE THE GOALS OF SUAVE FEST? Since, Suave Fest was a response to current market conditions, we wanted to be part of the solutions. Here are the ideas we proposed ourselves and which we continue to develop, aligned with the goals of our nonprofit organization as we elevate Latino culture:

  • Bringing a national spotlight to current Latino-owned breweries in order to highlight and create interest to their projects from the public,

  • Create a higher interest in diversity in beer

  • Educate diverse communities on craft beer, which is an area still in its infancy with underserved communities 

  • Create a pipeline of entrepreneurs and educate them on the roadmap to different industry opportunities

  • Provide opportunities for dialog, sharing of experiences, ideas, collaboration and more in order to grow stronger.


We invite you to join us this September and experience the world of craft beer, the beautiful collaborative spirit of the industry and the myriad of creations, flavors and room for growth still available for many to enjoy.

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